Employer Services

Services we Offer to the Employer:

Temporary Staffing
•  Temps are our employees and are therefore covered by our  
   Worker’s Comp and we will do all other paperwork and reporting
•  Full-time or part-time
•  Short term or ongoing employment
•  We pre-screen and select employees, but you always have the
  final approval
•  All that you need to do is provide on-site supervision and safety,
  and pay your invoice.

Employee Leasing
•  A low leasing rate, think of it as long term temporary staffing
•  We maintain all records and do all state and federal filings
•  You can use your employees or use ours, or both
•  Worker’s Comp coverage, unemployment claims and tax reporting
  are all done for you

Temp-to-Hire Employees
•  We do the recruitment, you have the final approval
•  You provide your own specific training
•  You can keep them as a temp as long as it takes to make a decision
•  You either buy out their contract and hire them directly or continue
  to run them through our payroll services

•  Advertise
•  Interview
•  Check references
•  Shortlist
•  Forward recommendations
•  Background and or drug screen on your request
•  Make the final decision
•  Hire them as your employee or have us continue search for no
  additional fee

Human Resource Management
•  BOLI governed practices
•  Hiring/Firing, coaching, and disciplinary actions
•  Training and development
•  Drug screening
•  Criminal and pre-employment background checks
•  Provide a bi-annual safety program
•  Employee Handbooks

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Seaside, OR  97138

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